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Free The interviewer at the SCO institution Dissertation Example

Process recording Name: Institutional Affiliation: The interviewer at the SCO institution. Interviewee (Elizabeth Daniel’s mother) Identify the communication technique used Analysis Tell me about marital status and family Is your husband supportive? I have been divorced. What is your opinion about divorce? Are you happy with your marriage? At what age were you married? What do you do for a living? What are you proud of about yourself? What is your idea of a happy marriage? What can you advice others? I do not have a child of my own. We have adopted our son, Daniel. I have been married for 35 years. I was tired of my husband and ready for divorce. I got sick one time, and he supported me until I felt his love for me. Yes, my husband has always supported me in everything that I do. Divorcing a person who was nice to you can be catastrophic, as it will often pull you down. Yes, I am currently very happy. I thank God for everything. It has been a long walk, but I can only be grateful. Every day I see love in my husband’s eyes. My husband is also my friend. I am happy with him since we were friends before marriage. He had to propose to me three times before I accepted him. I was married at age 19. My husband is a nurse while I am teaching assistance at Sephora. I am also a makeup artist at Sephora. I am a strong-willed and smart woman. I am also happy that I can influence the decisions that my husband makes. I think marriage is about understanding. We cannot be perfect at all times. We can also not please each other throughout, as we are different entities. However, having a common understanding will allow us to reason on the same wavelength. People should always seek to have a common understanding their partners. For those who have been unfortunate to divorce, take heart, this is not the end. Pray to God that you will get another partner. Being free to enquire about an issue. Revealing about oneself. The mother intimated...
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