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Name Tutor's Name Subject Date The Kindergarten Education Practices The term kindergarten refers to a preschool approach that is based on traditional activities. The kindergarten goes hand in hand with events such as singing, playing, drawing and interactions as a way of transition from the home environment to the school environment. This type of education is currently on rising since most of the parents are working class. In most of the countries, the term is used to refer to the learning spaces and various educational institutions for the young children whose age ranges between two to seven years, basing on multiple teaching methodologies. Below is a review from “Early Childhood Education Journal” on the teaching methodology at kindergarten school. The Teaching Methodology at Kindergarten It is in the kindergarten that the children are adapt to a new learning environment which is more of playing, sitting still, completing the work given by the teacher and listening to the teacher. Therefore, it is the role of the teacher to ensure that he or she comes up with a teaching methodology which will enable the children to understand adequately (Meiklejohn et al. 303). Employing of instructional strategies in teaching methodology will allow the children who lag behind to catch up fast thus making all the children to excel. Some of the teaching methods used by teachers are; Whole Group Instruction Most of the kindergarten teachers employ these methods whenever they are teaching the entire class something for instance when introducing new concepts. The process occurs through a variety of activities for example demonstration and reading around. Questions and answers fall in this method. Few students can be appointed to lead the others in reading charts on the wall of their classrooms. Small Group Instruction Through the help of the small group discussion, the kindergarten teachers can group their learners depending on their academic capability. Mostly,...
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