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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: The Little Prince The story “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is an eye-opening piece of literature. First published in the year 1943, the book was written just before World War 2. The story expresses various parts of writing skills in the content. For example, we can see symbolism, imagery as well as allegory. The three are literary skills that are used to enhance the message in the book. It is an insidious approach in using literary pieces of skills in achieving a goal of sending a message home, (Saint-Exupéry, 1). This paper will discuss the book in details. The paper will also talk about the intentions of the author through analysis of the contents and the skills used. It is only through the analysis of and go bitcontent that the intentions of an author can be determined. Artists come and go but, their work remains. Words are very powerful and can be viewed in different perspectives to reveal a lot of information. First, we have a pilot crashing his plane in a desert, the Sahara. In the accident, the airplane is poorly damaged to the extent that it cannot fly again. As such, the character has little food and water supply. The pilot is in the midst of a desert and hence, he cannot get any help from anyone. Such is the case of a person who fell into a desert. All of a sudden, a little boy appears. The boy has blond hair, which may suggest being burnt. The boy wants a drawing of a sheep, which the pilot does for him. The boy’s claims of coming from the asteroid 325 (referred to as asteroid B-612) on the earth sees him suggesting that he has taken care of the planet. The boy also thinks that he has prevented the baobab trees from overrunning the world. The boy fell in love with a rose that lied to him, (Saint-Exupéry, 10). He can never trust the rose from now henceforth. A rose is a flower that is symbolic of love. For example, a red rose is given by lovers to express their feelings towards each...
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