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Name Instructor Course Date The Police in America Q1. English police system has contributions to American policing through the introduction of forces and law enforcement agencies which adopt crime control strategies, preventive patrols, and military organizations. On top of borrowing the three elements from the British police system, other features such as a tradition of police limitations on authorities have also been an influence. Another contributing feature introduced to American police system includes the control of local police agencies, which make both England and America to lack centralized law enforcement. The police in America are controlled at state, local and federal levels although many departments are municipalities. England police system has contributed to changes in police systems in America by introducing fragmentations in law enforcement. There are many different laws agencies in the US. Modifications evidenced from three elements; police power limitations, no centralized control, and law fragmentation structure is an evident contribution of England policing to the American police departments. Q2. Sir Robert Peel contributed to the introduction of a bill for improving the police, Metropolitan Police Act. Peel’s goal was to form a police force that would aid resolve social conflicts emerging from raid urbanizations which took place in the London city. Sir Robert Peel is referred as a father of modern policing and also helped with basic principles that acted as guides to the formation of police services in America (Walker & Katz 95). Another significant of Peel is that he helped in coordination and centralization of police so that the function of police systems focused on crime preventions instead of detections. Peel helped formed principles that led to credibility with citizens such as viewing police as under government control, organizational structures resembling those of military and central headquarters. Other significance...
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