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Name Instructor Course Date "The Dance" by William Carlos Williams The dance is a poem by William Carlos which gives illustrate of a joyful moment of an atmosphere which is very lively. There is a context in which the dance in Brueghel’s fantastic paintings which reader should understand. Kermes is the speaker who describes all the occasions in the poem defining the mood and with the tempo to accomplish an effect. The following is an analysis relating the events of the dance and some of the valuable lessons that the reader should comprehend. The dance is a poem that depicts a time that is full of motions, and this is clear from the first line of the poem. Kermess is a dance of the peasant who is unprofessional dancers and only dancing because of a celebration. The professionalism of their dance style is clear from the way in which they move their bodies including their hips and butts (William, 8). From the line, it is vivid that the dancers are ordinary people who are dancing during moments of joy in a ceremony. The dancers are not giving up nor do they lose their passion for continuing dancing despite the economic challenges they experience. “Those shanks must be sound to bear up under such rollicking measures” (William, 10). The speaker now addresses the reader of a life that is worth living with joy and advises the reader to live with equal enthusiasm. The movement in the dance is tremendous from the way in which the dancers move round and round in a circular motion. In conclusion, William describes a tone of the painting Kermess in the poem which is openly written. The poem addresses a simple life that is full of excitement despite challenges. And finally, he concludes by asking readers also to deploy similar experience with lots of vibrancy.   Work cited William Carlos Williams, “The dance.” Retrieved from...
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