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Student Name Instructor Course Name Date The Rocking-horse Winner Who is speaking? The Narrator What kind of person is he or she? in what mood? thinking what thoughts? feeling what emotions? D.H. Lawrence can be viewed as a descriptive and objective narrator in regard to the short story. The descriptive narration makes the reader visualize the scenes and the physical features of the characters. It also enables the reader to enter into the lives of characters and comprehend their points of view. The use of dialogue by Lawrence gives life to the piece and also makes the story interactive as it also makes the reader comprehend the characters’ views. The mood can be viewed as that of despair, desire and discouragement. The despair, in this case, entails the mother’s ideology of money and luck in which she views herself as unlucky as she had no money in addition to being married to an unlucky man. Desire comes into view when Paul sets his mind to engage in the wager for him to be able to make money and bring luck to his mother. The fact that his mother does not appear to be moved with Paul’s earnings illustrate discouragement as Paul expects that his mother will acknowledge his love for her and the luck in his life once he gives her all his earnings but becomes disappointed when she does not acknowledge him. Of whom or what is he or she speaking? D.H. Lawrence is narrating about a family that perceives itself as poor. The story’s protagonist is Paul, the only son in the family, who engages in a mission seeking money with the view that it will bring luck to his mother. Paul believes that God told him that he is lucky and hence focuses on getting money and more money (Lawrence). Money is also a central element in the story as the narrator mentions it throughout the story in regard to the family’s financial position. How is this person or object being projected? Paul is projected as a determined person who wants to shift his family’s...
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