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Student’s surname Professor Course Date The tragic effect of 9/11 The primary agenda of the article on “reflections on the 9/11 attacks’ and the impact on America” by John Dean is the political effects that affected the United States after the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. The article involves a collection of opinions from the American citizens on how the tragedy changed the politics in the United States since the terrorist attack. It provides a vivid view of how the American citizens feel in regards to the political heat in the United States and the future of American politics regarding where the country is headed politically after the terrorist attack. The main thesis for this article is how the effects of the tragedy impact the politics in the United States even in future, which is easy to predict based on the opinions provided by various American citizens in the article. The primary context of the article is purely the political effects of the tragedy. The citizens sampled to give their opinions on the matter are random people who are not known, but some were affected by the disaster directly. Martin Kettle, a guardian editor, had lived in the United States for four years before the 9/11 tragedy, feels that the country has not changed from the political trends in the United States before the 9/11 tragedy. Martin is under the impression that the state has not learned anything from the tragic events that affected the nation. Martin argues that the taxes and the objectives of the federal government have not changed and the 9/11 tragedy has not taught the government anything. This is a political impact on the United States because matters to do with taxes and the federal government are a political issue. Martin feels that the government should do more for the citizens especially the citizens who died in the tragedy. His sentiments are that those citizens who...
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