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Free The welfare of the American worker Dissertation Example

The American Workers Welfare The welfare of the American worker has continued to decline over the past years. The 2008 recession aggravated the situation with payrolls decreasing significantly affecting the average union worker; the unemployment rate has sharply decreased with the compensation not matching the employee's productivity. The American workers has been forced to cater for their health services and medication which was initially catered for by the organizations which employed them, the devastating economic times can also be partially blamed for the situation. The fact that for most workers, the wages, income, and compensation have been trailing behind their contribution to the organization's output and productivity. The situation has failed both fundamental principles of economics and the American value which aims at increasing the value of average American. Living the American dream has become hard to achieve for the average American worker due to the disruptions in the labor force and the economy. The most hurting issue affecting the American worker is the withdrawal of the employer-provided health coverage. The American workers are forced to cater for the provision through payments of more out of pocket premiums for the service providers. They are also forced to pay out of their pockets for their medical bills with employment perks decreasing as time passes. The value of the American worker has decreased regarding health services with more insecurity and heavy medical bills affecting their general income. Job insecurity for the average union worker has been on the rise. The unemployment rates have risen over the past decades due to globalization. The fact that employees outside the country can work in the country has brought up displacement effects on the positions held by American workers. There has been a rise in the level of competition on the available jobs in the labor market. The rate at which new job opportunities are being created does...
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