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Student’s Name Course Code Lecturer Due Date Three Emails Email to a friend Hey, I have to work tonight. I am having a terrible day; I hope yours was better than mine. I just remember we were supposed to meet later, but I will not be able to make it today. We are experiencing a work crisis, and I think it is going to take up the rest of my evening and most of the night and I am emailing because I cannot even call you at the moment. We will talk later. I promise to make some other time for the meeting and hear what you have to say. My sincerest apologies. Enjoy the Game! Email to Client Re: Ad Campaign Project Delay Hello Madam, I am very sorry for our delay to deliver your project on time. We are currently working overtime and redirecting all available resources to the delay, and we are confident we will rectify the issue soon. Please accept my sincerest apology for the returned package. We were unable to complete your ad campaign on time because, as you know, your package containing vital information was internally misplaced. Unfortunately, we could not finish the project on time because that package contains critical information. We might need a little more time to complete the campaign because other than the items that require the package, the project is complete. We have requested you resend the package so that we can resume the project and reduce the delay as much as we can. We understand that this setback is upsetting and you would be justified should you choose to withdraw your account. We also know the magnitude of the ad campaign and the importance of timely delivery, and we regret the inconvenience. However, we are still the best firm to complete the campaign, given the duration we have worked on it and our intimate awareness. It is a regrettable but honest mistake on our part. I am urging you to give us a little more time to complete the project. We have rectified our internal processing of packages to ensure this never happens again. I...
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