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Sociology Name Institution Sociology Abstract The idea of time and space is very dynamics and provides unique insights into the ideologies of culture and how people interact in a formal and informal setting. Szeman & Timothy have discussed the idea in a detailed manner and have also discussed the challenges their theories about time and space possess. In a cultural environment, time and space allow a variety of cultures to co-exist and makes it easier to define cases of cultural uniqueness. Some of the challenges with the idea are that they promote some concepts to an unnecessary extent while others can get ignored because of the disperse interests. I believe that the ideas provided by the authors are pretty relevant to the current world scenarios and are also capable of defining cultural relevance. With the existence of time and space, it is theoretically easy to define how people act and react and what makes them act they way they do. Eventually, time and space put people, ideas and cultures into categories making their identification easier. Introduction The idea of time and space has always been a matter of interest to many authors and researchers. Many have provided details on what they think about it and how the concept can change the theory of life for the writers and the world in general. One of the many ideas presented to the world was the ones provided by Szeman & Timothy (2011) who talked about the issues of time and space. While at first, some of the concepts sound a bit unusual, I found the ideas and arguments to be unique as they stare down on time and space and cover the issues that were somehow neglected in other literature. Space and Time At first, my approach to reading the book was not very pro-active as I had thought that this is merely going to pile up my view point about time and space and might not be as helpful. However, I would say that I was eventually happy with it as it helped me understand the knowledge I had...
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