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Free To Torture Or Not To Torture Dissertation Example

First Name Last Name: Instructor: Course: Date of Submission: To Torture on Not to Torture According to the utilitarianism theory, an individual determines if an act is morally right if the consequence creates the greatest advantage to the majority. The action should maximize the utility therein (Holmes, 43). Therefore, in the case scenario, the utilitarianism theory justifies the appropriateness of torturing the prisoner. Consequently, torturing the prisoner will help the security department acquire the confidential information from the prisoner. Upon getting the information, the security officers can establish safety mechanisms that will save the majority of the Americans from the planned attack. Besides, the core aim of the utilitarianism theory is to ensure the good among the majority. According to the Kantian duty-based ethics theory, the reason is the core aspect that defines the moral right of action (Smith, 372). Therefore, upon giving a sufficient reason, an act can be termed right. In this case, the act of torturing prisoners to acquire information cannot be termed a right. Furthermore, the act of torture is evil and further corrupts the moral integrity of the individuals therein. Thus, the Kantian duty-based ethics theory does not support the torture of the prisoner. In the Virtue ethics theory, the determination of whether an action is moral rights depends on the character and the virtue of mind of the individual (Holmes, 36). It means that the decision to torture the prisoner or not depends on the person involved. Therefore, the basis of this theory, it is difficult to determine whether it is okay to torture on not to torture the prisoner. The Christian-principle based ethics theory advocates for love and justice among people. The theory enhances individuals to love one another and uphold justice. Nonetheless, upon committing a crime, punishment is paramount. Thus, torture is permissible to an extent where the persons maintain the Christian...
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