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Free UK Rail Industry Paper Dissertation Example

UK RAIL INDUSTRY Student’s Name Course Tutor University City (State) Date UK Rail Industry Introduction The railway transport is amongst the best choices for passengers in many developed countries. With the congestion in the road transport rapidly increasing, the rail transport has become an alternative to many people. Reason being, it is fast and can access almost every common point of a given country. The UK Rail industry is among the highly ranked networks globally and probably the most developed. It boasts the most punctual, reliable and the safest network. In recent years, the UK Rail industry has successfully increased passenger kilometres and also the freight tonne kilometres transported. In this report, the discussion will focus on the recent changes in the UK Rail industry including; exit and entry barriers, competition within the railway industry and regulation of the anti-competitive behaviour. Background of the industry will be provided in the next section to create a better understanding of the nature of the current UK Rail industry and the developments that have taken place in the past years. Background of the UK Rail Industry The British railway network is the oldest in the world, dating back to the 1560s (Heffer, 2017, P. 34). It would, however, take several years before the first passenger-carrying public railway would be opened, which happened in 1812 (Heffer, 2017, P. 46). Britain's electric railway is also the oldest in the world. It opened in 1883 and covered more than a quarter of a mile (Kingdom , 2016, P. 39). It was operated by private railway companies, but this changed during the First World War. The government took over control of the rail industry when the war broke until 1921 when the private companies regained their powers. There were 123 companies by then, but an Act of Parliament passed in 1921 saw them merged with only four companies (UK, 2016, P. 156). The four companies operated as a single organization in...
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