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Free Use Of Cell Phones While Driving Dissertation Example

Why Banning the Use of Cell Phones While Driving Should be Mandatory Nationwide Name Institution TITLE: General Purpose To show driving while using a cell phone has the potential of causing accidents. Specific Purpose To provide statistics proving cell phone use while driving causes distraction. Central idea Support a mandatory nationwide ban on use of cell phones while driving. Introduction Do you know that reports show that a massive 60% of road accidents involving teens occur due to distraction? There has been an outcry of the limited number of states with a ban on all forms of cell phone use. Using the cell phone in any way, be it surfing the web, texting or even checking mail while operating a motor vehicle causes enough distraction. Body Use of handheld devices while on the road is thriving (Foss, 2009). Despite a law restricting cell phone use while operating a motor vehicle in North Carolina, 31% of teens confess to flouting the law A study at a Pennsylvania intersection revealed 8.4% use of mobile phones in moving vehicles and a 20.8% use while at stoplights. The size of population owning mobile phones and vehicles is surging (Tedesco, 2014). By May 2013, 91% of American adults owned cell phones Over 95% of households in America have vehicles with 85% of the workforce commuting to work weekly. Hands-free sets have done little to curb the menace caused by phone use on the road (Cripps, 2001). Limited attention is the main cause of collisions while driving and not dexterity. Hands-free devices do not enhance a driver’s cognitive abilities to maneuver the fluid road conditions Conclusion We should all join hands in advocating for a blanket ban on all forms of phone use to reduce the shocking statistics. References Cripps, A.J. (2001). Dialing while driving: The battle over cell phone use on America' s roadways. Gonzaga Law Review, 37(1), 90-116. Foss, R.D. (2009) Short-Term effects of a teenage driver cell phone restriction....
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