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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Education as Portrayed in Utopia, by Thomas More Knowledge is an essential component of the society. Knowledge helps people in attaining goals in their lives. Thomas More's story, Utopia, covers the subject of education. In the story, the characters yearn to learn to have flourishing lives. Prospero is one of the characters who appreciate the culture of learning in the play. He sets a lesson plan and ensures that the nobles have attained education as well even though some of them were against him. As part of the education plan, Prospero uses methods such as magic tricks to manipulate people's minds. Therefore, education is a frequent topic in the play Utopia, and Prospero's education plan makes the most impact in the society depicted by Moore. There are different methods of delivering education in the community that More depicts. However, Prospero has a dilemma on whether to teach efficient management or continue using the magic tricks to manipulate people through the study of liberal arts. More tells of the power of education through the character, Prospero. Prospero manages to learn ways of using books in the island to gain knowledge that he uses to manipulate the people living on the island. Caliban, Ariel and the visitors of the island are some of the people he managed to teach. Education and his ability to gain knowledge scare his enemies. Prospero found his way to the noble Ferdinand through marrying his daughter, Miranda to him (Vienne-Guerin, Nathalie and Hatchuel 83). Prospero became a dictator in the Island lacking respect to everyone including Ferdinand. More has shown the audience that education is an essential tool in the society as it gives people power. Prospero tells Ferdinand "My foot my tutor? (I, ii, 470), when Ferdinand draws his sword to try and resist him. Therefore, it shows that Prospero already gave himself a position in the hierarchy. He has made himself a ruler as well as a...
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