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Free Welding Occupational Hazard Dissertation Example

Occupational Health Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Welding practically involves the joining of metal pieces mostly by the use of heat and pressure. The process involves soldering where a small metal that always has a lower melting point is joined to the main metal (Hijazi, 2017). The welding process thus is a very vigorous activity involving more than 80 types welding. Welding exposes the workers to may occupational health hazards that can severely affect their health conditions. The hazards the welding workers are exposed to ranges from chemical, the contamination of the air, biological to the typical physical hazards all which can lead to even death of the workers. It is essential that the workers are given proper sensitization of the potential risks when they are exposed to these hazards. The officers must efficiently teach the workers about the importance of controlling and avoiding the hazards. The normal physical hazards include the exposure to the high levels of noise that emanates from the welding, the constant vibrations, and the electromagnetic vibrations that workers are exposed to can lead to even cancer diseases. Controlling this involves instructing the workers on how to mount the noisy welding equipment on the provided specific mounts to control the said vibrations. The enclosure of the equipment’s being welded is important. Air contaminants have been known to cause various diseases among the welding workers. Dust, in particular, will come from the solid equipment’s. There is also fuming during welding where solid particles will most likely react with air. This is the same case as the vapor contaminants which will cause various gas vapors that affect the welding workers. The officers must first inspect the working environment on a daily basis to control these air contaminants. The officer has to institute proper and sound measures that will not only ensure the safety of the welding workers but also those that are living around...
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