A grateful student is a primary value for us. That is why you get a lot of guarantees that will keep you safe and protect your rights to written work. Each point of the guarantee, we back up not only on paper but also with actions, legal politics. While writing the essay, we adhere to all the rules and do not break them.

Your order will be written from scratch

Our specialists are aware of what is essential for the student. So that his work is original and without plagiarism, in this regard, all work is performed individually and written from scratch. Your task is to provide as much information as possible on the work and writing; the writer is responsible for the material. After the writer does the work, our program scans the text and checks for plagiarism; we do not save the paper data and do not store it in the database. This means that our system every time gets acquainted with the text for the first time.

To confirm our words, you can contact the support service. For each work, we provide a screenshot where the percentage of uniqueness is indicated. If the text’s borrowing were used, it would not exceed 90%; we also provide all information about plagiarism to the student. If you indicated that you need such a report on the work, we would add it.

Your paper always matches the quality

For many years we have been actively cooperating with different types of students: international students, local students, highly demanded students. From our own experience, we were convinced that every student expects a high-quality paper, no matter how easy it is or hard work. It would help if you used as many unique words of the English dictionary as possible.

Whatever your desires, we will always take a writer to justify them. You can choose the writer’s level and hire him for your paper at an affordable price; if you need the most experienced and advanced, then there are those in our arsenal. Our authors’ experience is three years or more, so your document will be of high quality.

Indeed, you are interested in what to do if you were asked the same task as your classmate. You don’t need to worry about this, because our writers will use as much new literature as possible, and your works will not be similar. Regardless of the topic, we guarantee that your work will be appreciated higher than that of a classmate because a specialist will help you.

Your order will be executed by the instructions

When completing the assignment, our authors will check it against the requirements that you indicated in the instructions. Accordingly, we can be sure that there will be very few revisions to the text; this will save time and effort not only for you but also for our specialists.

Our writers are proficient in all writing styles and can write MLA, APA, Chicago, ASA, and other popular writing styles. If you need examples, then the authors are ready to provide them. According to all the rules, our experts can compose an introduction, the central part, and a conclusion that will surprise your teacher. We take into account all the details of the work so that it is of the highest quality.

We provide three versions for free

The draft that we provide at the beginning of the work does not mean that it will be final. We allow you to add three free comments to the text. Thanks to the free edits, we guarantee that you get an incredibly perfect job at the end.

Your payment information is safe and secure

We have been in the market for many years that assist in writing student papers, and for all the time, we have used many methods and strategies. These points help us to ensure that our service has become safe in all plans.

All information that you provide about yourself, we securely classify and, if necessary, we can delete it. No one will ever know that you have used our services. Your writer can see the ID number assigned by each user, and all personal information remains inaccessible to him.

Payments that you make on our website are as securely protected as personal data. This is because we only use the best payment systems, such as Gate2Shop, Avangate, BlueSnap. Accordingly, we do not need your payment card details.

We are ready to provide paper in a short time

For your order to be placed as quickly as possible, the author needs to make sure that you provide detailed information about the document. If you forgot to add important details, then do it as soon as possible. For example, before payment or after, but not during the process. Otherwise, this will become a problem for the writer and you because the work plan will need to be redone, which entails a waste of precious time — the deadlines for completing the assignment starting from the moment you paid for the order. We always adhere to the deadlines and demand the same from you, do not delay writing instructions.

It will be convenient for you to use our service

Clients who cooperate with us claim that they have not met an even more convenient service than ours. Our support team instantly answers phone calls as well as in online chats for all questions. More and more students join us, so we always increase our staff, which allows us to adhere to deadlines, reliability, and speed.

But we do not stand still, and to make it as comfortable as possible for you to work with us, we have prepared a VIP Service. You will always be on the list of important clients, and your wishes will be the most important for the manager. You will not need to go to the account to find out about the order; the manager will do this for you and notify you by SMS about all essential details. Please do not lose the opportunity and feel all the pleasures of working with our VIP status.

You will always receive qualified assistance

You are not breaking the law if you contact our service to buy student work. We ask all students to devote as much time as possible to live and not waste it on tasks that will not help you in life. Enjoy the moments that make you happy with the help of specialists. Indeed, in the future, there is a chance that you will regret that you spent time on a job that was not at all interesting to you. For such students who know the value of time, our service exists and has all the legal grounds for working on a document.

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