Privacy Policy

We respect each student, and DissertationHelpClub has developed a business model that outlines the website’s privacy terms and rules. This page is intended to ensure that each consumer of our services understands the purposes we collect personal data and where we will use it. We immediately warn you that we collect all your data solely to present the highest quality product and improve the website’s performance.

If you decide to cooperate with us, then contact details such as name, surname, location are an integral part of the contract. We also need information about educational institution you are studying and what subject the help is needed. Sometimes we collect additional information to understand whether it is convenient for you to use our interface, and thanks to your comments, we correct the shortcomings.

Consumer age policy

All services that we provide to students are aimed at those over 18 years old. If a minor student contacts us, we deliberately do not collect information and personal data; we do not store information about the student for security reasons. If you become an eyewitness when a non-advanced student contacted us, please inform the security service; thank you in advance.

Objectives of the Privacy Policy

We urge all users of the site to pay attention to this policy point. The information below is directed to all our clients who have decided to cooperate with us. Our goal is to provide as many privacy options as possible and provide all students with the opportunity to make correctives about their personal data at any time without asking permission from us. Only you have the right to delete information about yourself or keep it in your account.

Data collection policy

All information that you provide to our website is stored only with your permission. Likewise, the information we collect must be provided solely by you and with your consent. You undertake to provide your data under the following conditions: when contacting the site managers for help, when contacting support, when placing an order to buy paper. We do not penetrate your computer using special programs, and do not extract information from it, do not involve third parties to view your personal data.

If you place an order, agree to receive notifications from us about discounts and exciting offers, you will automatically identify yourself. This is done so that in the future, we can inform you about the progress of work, the necessary work data, etc. All data that we receive from you is reliably classified, stored according to security rules, and is not disclosed to unauthorized persons.

Identity Collection and Retention Policy

On our part, we undertake and confirm to collect data that identifies you personally. Your participation in collecting identifiable data is not required, as this information may violate the privacy policy or the terms of data collection. Our mandatory conditions include collecting and storing cookies and technologies associated with them; we save a log where it is indicated when you contacted us, a track of  device or browser you visited the website, and track the location and navigation on the site. All of this data is collected solely to improve the browsing experience of the website.

This information is intended only for site employees. If you have any problems in use, your data may be transferred to third parties solely to resolve the situation.

Policy on the use of your personal data

Our main goal is to protect your confidential information. Therefore, we make a lot of effort to minimize data collection activities and spend more time providing services. All information you provide to the site is collected only with your permission, and the reason for the collection indicate below. We collect all data solely as part of providing services to you and keeping in touch with you. The information you provide can be transferred to law enforcement agencies for claims and ship purposes to solve the law’s problem.

We store data selectively to improve the website if necessary. For example, you order a particular paper and provide additional discounts and great deals as part of advertising. We also use the information you provide to find errors in using the interface. We record other information about you to ensure security and prevent fraud.

Third-party information transfer policy

We share information with third parties solely for specific purposes, provided that this representative is our trusted person. Under these conditions, we pass on information to third parties: to ensure you better offers from our partners, to process payments, so that advertisers can provide you with favorable discounts in the future, for people who research our consumers, as well as people who support contact you via email.

Each person who receives your personal data signs non-disclosure agreements and uses them solely for their intended purpose, and not for their purpose’s benefits. All employees who are agents or secretaries of these third parties also sign a legal contract under the same conditions above.

Customer Relations Policy

Our right includes the service to inform customers about the purchases that they have made on the site. And also offer additional beneficial offers within your interests. This procedure is shared because you are already our user and all proposals relate directly to you, and they are interesting to you, researching previous orders. You have the right to unsubscribe from the distribution of profitable offers at any time. Below you can read more about this information.

To keep in touch with the client, we adhere to the following conditions: send emails, send massively profitable offers automatically to all users who have connected this service, make phone calls and messages to the phone, or chat. If you need only one way of maintaining communication, then in the account settings, you can install only the one that you need.

If we find that our partners have better offers, discounts, bonuses, then, first of all, we will notify you of this information, and only then, with your consent, we will transfer personal data to them. You have the right to refuse the offer at any time; you do not commit to anything.

If you desire to delete data about yourself from our database, you have every right to do so. To get more detailed information, we recommend contacting the support service, and an experienced specialist will consult you.

Data collection tools policy

We use tools that help us analyze the collection of information and analyze different types of data. Thanks to these tools, we can monitor how the user uses the website and whether it is convenient for him to use the interface. The analysis tools we use provide us with information about how long you have been on the site, what information you were looking for in the search system, and whether you found an answer to your question. This information does not contain identifying data, only anonymously. The information provided is necessary to improve the design, interface, ease of navigation.

The tools we use include setting a cookie on your website user experience; they allow us to remember the users who have visited the website. To establish permissions for our use of cookies, we recommend you to read the cookie policy. The information that we receive with the help of cookies is not transferred under any circumstances to third parties.

Data security policy stored by us

We are a modern service that uses the latest technologies and programs to protect clients’ personal data. We use modern encryption methods, as well as adhere to all security rules for storing information.

We assure you that all information that we collect is directed solely to provide quality services. We also save your data to provide the necessary information about you to solve issues through the law. Your data is required for all financial reporting. If you have any questions or notice that we have violated the rules, we recommend contacting our support service.

Other use websites policy

Our website allows the use of links to external websites. We do not force anyone to follow the links provided by us to the site; the decision whether you need this additional information remains with you. We warn you that we do not accept any responsibility for the policies provided by external websites; all responsibility rests with you. If we do not control the website, then our Policy does not apply to their data. Therefore, please read their policies carefully before you follow the links to know if you are putting yourself at risk.

Policy on the right to access your personal data and how it is used

We grant many rights to users to change their information. To change the information, you provided to us, go to the user account and make changes in the settings according to the information provided. We grant you the right to delete all data. But pay attention to the fact that the deletion service is available only at this moment; if you have completed orders, you need to wait if they are still in the process of work. Only after that, you have the opportunity to delete data from the website.

Website Change Policy

We reserve the right to make adjustments to any of the above policies without notifying you of the changes. We will provide all the information about what adjustments we have made to the Policy so that everyone knows about the changes. We notify about changes on the main page of the site or to each user by email. We make our changes within 30 days, and we warn you about it in advance so that you can adapt to the innovations in time.

How to contact support

If you have any questions, you need to go to the website’s main page to find a phone number and email to contact the support service.

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