Terms and Conditions

  1. Information about Terms
    1. The information provided refers directly to the Terms and Conditions.
    2. The Terms – The Company directly refers to, which legally provides student paper writing services.
    3. Terms – The Customer This Agreement applies to a specific person or group of persons who have submitted an order with the Company and comply with all the Terms and Conditions described in the document.
    4. Messaging delivery system is a program that allows you to communicate with the Client, and the Client with the Author, or with the support system.
    5. Ordering is a direct purchase of a product that is provided by the Company. It has specific requirements for which a document will be drawn up in writing.
    6. Product offer for the Order placed by the Contractor and addressed to the Customer.
    7. Product Revision is a requirement provided by the Customer; the Author must fulfill its requirements and edit the text.
    8. Support Staff is a separate staff of the Company, who oversees the process of receiving and issuing an order by the requirements of the Customer.
    9. The Writer is a registered User who places proposals for an Order by the Company Agreement.
    10. Personal Credit Balance is a balance that contains the User’s personal funds that are used to pay for services.
    11. Affiliate Program is client-oriented.
  2. Registration of the Order and placement.
    1. Users undertake to use the available Site Services by the terms of this User Agreement. The Customer is allowed to place an order or ask for help from support.
    2. By placing an Order, the Customer confirms that he has the right to post the specified information and materials. The Order describes the task assigned to the potential Contractor, the desired result of the Work, the deadline for the Work, and the Order’s price. The Customer also indicates the required percentage of the Work’s originality by the selected System for detecting text borrowing. The Customer is responsible for the information provided about the Order.
    3. User registration through a special-order form on the Site, as well as on partner sites. This registration method is available only for Customers. To place an order, the service registers the User on the Site and assigns him a login (email address) and a password that the User will indicate when placing the Order. Login (email address) and password are used further by the User when working with the Site. The User is obliged to provide the necessary reliable and up-to-date information (name, email address, country of residence, phone number) to create an account. If the Customer wants to change his personal data, he must inform the changes’ support service.
    4. The User’s Profile can display User data that the User voluntarily and independently enters in the Profile settings. The User guarantees the accuracy and completeness of the content of the information specified in the Profile and undertakes to keep this information up to date. If the User provides incorrect information or the site has reason to believe that the information provided by the User is incomplete or inaccurate, the site has the right, at its discretion, to block or delete the User’s Profile and refuse the User to use the Site. The Customer is prohibited from creating two profiles to communicate with the Author. If the support service finds two profiles, then it has every right to combine them into one.
  3. Order Payment
    1. The Customer guarantees payment for the Work performed by the Contractor in full. The Customer agrees that the funds required to pay for the Order in the amount of 100% of the Order price reserve in favor of the Contractor at the time the Contractor confirms the Start of Work on the Order.
    2. When placing an Order, the Client has the right to place an Order in installments, adhering to the following rules:
      • The price for the services rendered must be equal to $ 500 (USD) or higher; if the price is lower, this function is not available.
      • The Customer must make the first payment by the Company’s schedule.
      • If the Customer has made the payment by the schedule, the Author will provide the Customer with the product for which the payment is made. To receive the Order not in part but in full, the payment must be made in one payment.
      • The Company’s managers may refuse to split the payment into parts if the Company believes that there are no obstacles to payment in one price.
      • If the Customer has not made payment within a certain time frame, then the Company has the right to stop completing the task until the payment is made in full.
    3. All placed orders and Clients can pay using a PayPal bank card, Wire Transfer (when using Wire Transfer, the Company can receive funds from 3 to 14 business days), or using your balance in a personal account.
    4. To issue payment using PayPal, the Customer must go through a personal identification verification system; To make a Credit Card payment, the Customer must provide the data on the PayPal form. This procedure is necessary for the Customer to make a one-time transaction, but the Customer is not assigned a permanent account.
    5. The User uses PayPal at his own risk. The service does not accept any responsibility for technical problems that arose when sending a payment. PayPal has the right to freeze the transaction if it detects violations on the Customer’s part until it finds out the reasons for the error. The Customer’s payment is confirmed by an online check with the same legal force as a paper one. If the Customer was unable to make a transaction, he must check the balance on the card if he has any payment restrictions, and only after checking, contact the support service for help.
  4. Discounts
    1. The Company, free of charge, in an equal part, must provide discounts that are prescribed in the framework of the advertising company.
    2. The discount provided by the Company can be applied only to those Orders that exceed the amount of $ 25 (USD).
    3. If a discount can be applied to the Order, then the Customer can enter a discount code in a specially designated field, but if there is no such field, then the discount to the Order is not prudent.
    4. The Customer can use the newbie discount if they are using the services for the first time.
    5. The discount applies to only one Order, not several at a time. There not can be several discounts in one Order.
  5. Personal balance of the Customer on the Website
    1. The personal balance provided to the Customer in the personal account is sent to make a payment. The Company keeps the private funds of the Customer until the Customer decides to pay for the document.
    2. The funds are to be kept in such quantity as provided by the Customer.
    3. Only upon confirmation by the Customer the funds can be transferred from the bank account to the balance account. The funds that the Customer transfers are used only to pay for services.
  6. Order Process
    1. After reviewing the list of works, the Customer fills out the Order Form posted on the Website to execute Works of interest. From the moment it is filled out by the Customer, the order form is an integral part of the Agreement. When filling out the Order Form, the Customer must provide full information about the ordered Work. The Order is considered completed from the moment of its creation in the personal account or by filling out the “Leave a request” form on the Site. After agreeing on all the conditions of the Order between the Author and the Customer. The verification service undertakes to check the information about the Order and, if it finds errors, contact the Customer and request additional data.
    2. The Customer has the right at any time from the moment of placing the Order to make clarifications and additions to the Order that do not change the volume of services provided. If, as a result of the additions made, the volume of Work has increased, the Contractor has the right to increase the execution time and proportionately increase the cost of the Order. The Company measures the volume of the document in words and not by the number of characters.
    3. The Order is considered completed after the Parties agree on all the conditions for the performance Work and the Customer’s payment.
    4. The Customer has the right to choose materials to create works and use materials as a source of borrowing within the limits that are allowed by the task and goals that the Customer has. Other rights not expressly provided for by this clause are not granted to the User. The rights to use the materials are granted free of charge. The Customer provides the necessary source of information for the Work Author in advance; in case of delay, the Author has the right to demand more time for the execution Order.
    5. The Customer has the right to keep in touch with the Author through the chat, where you can exchange messages.
    6. Delivery and acceptance of the results of the services provided (Work performed) is carried out through the Platform in the following Order:
      • the Contractor posts (publishes) the results on the Platform;
      • the Customer has the right, within 1 (one) month from the date of posting the results on the Platform, to point out the identified deficiencies;
      • the Contractor undertakes to eliminate the identified deficiencies within no more than 1 (one) day – for urgent tasks (the deadline for which is less than seven calendar days), within no more than 3 (three) days – for other tasks (the deadline for which is more than seven calendar days) ). Work assumes to be accepted in full and without comments within the specified period in the absence of objections within the specified period.
    7. The Customer can receive the Order only after full payment for the Order. The Author is responsible for providing the document on time. To upload a document, you need to ask the Author to send your Order in a convenient way to chat or email. The Company is not responsible if you fail to load the paper for technical reasons.
  7. Order Revision
    1. The Contractor undertakes to respond promptly to the corrections requested by the Customer and to make them into the Work performed no later than 14 days from the date of contact during the entire warranty period.
    2. If during the warranty period after the Contractor has provided the Work, the Customer has not expressed any requirements for its completion or claims for the quality of performance, the Work is considered accepted, the obligations of the parties are fully fulfilled. Payment for the Contractor’s services occurs automatically from the funds reserved on the Customer’s Account.
    3. The Customer and the Contractor are obliged to confirm the execution Order using the services of the Site. In the event of a discrepancy in the information received from the Customer and the Contractor regarding the price Order and the fact of its execution, the manager has the right to check and correct the final price of the Order and establish the fact of execution or non-execution Order. The Customer and the Contractor are obliged to comply with the terms of this User Agreement and provide the service with only reliable information regarding all conditions for fulfilling the Order, especially about the price and quality of Work.
    4. Text editing is carried out exclusively within the warranty period.
  8. The Use of Product
    1. The results of the services provided (Work performed) cannot be used by the Customer as ready-made scientific works for their provision to educational institutions, as ready-made business solutions for use in business (official) purposes.
    2. The results of the provision of services can be used as samples for the subsequent independent fulfillment of the task by the Customer, or as a source of borrowing within the acceptable limits set for the Customer.
  9. Affiliate program
    1. Any User who has registered on the Site can become a participant in the affiliate program. New customers are attracted by distributing an affiliate link unique for each participant in the affiliate program. Tasks paid for by users attracted without using an affiliate link are not counted or paid.
  10. Miscellaneous Provisions
    1. The invalidity of individual terms of this Agreement, as well as the terms contained in its annexes, additional agreements to it, does not affect the validity of its other terms, applications, additional agreements in general.
    2. If any term of this Agreement or part thereof becomes invalid in whole or in part by any regulation or provision of law, such term or part of it will not be considered part of this Agreement, but will not affect the legal affect the rest of this Agreement.
    3. All annexes to the Agreement published on the Company’s Website are its integral parts.
  11. Limitation of Liability
    1. The User is responsible for all actions performed in the Personal Account. The User is fully responsible for the password’s safety for accessing the Personal Account, for losses and other damage that may arise due to the unauthorized use of this data. The User must immediately inform the Company about losing the password, or unauthorized access to the Personal Account, or the possibility of such a situation. The administration is not responsible for:
      • for information posted by Users;
      • for any actions performed by Users on the Site, including the timing and quality of the Services provided for unreasonable claims of the Customers to the Contractors, and vice versa. For non-compliance with the copyright of third parties, etc .;
      • under no circumstances for consequential damages, the term “indirect damages” includes (but is not limited to): loss of income, profits, expected savings, business activity or reputation.
  12. Our Dissertation Services
    1. Each of the Parties assures and confirms to the other Party that the Parties have all the duly formalized rights, powers, and approvals necessary to accept and fulfill the obligations provided for in this Agreement. The Customer must indicate the date when the term for the defense of the dissertation ends.
    2. Suppose the Customer in the conditions indicated to submit the material in chapters. In that case, the Author undertakes to show the Work to the Customer and agree on the details, only then proceed to write the next chapter.
    3. The writer does not have the right to work on a dissertation if the Customer has not confirmed that he has accepted the Work.
  13. Amendments Agreements

This User Agreement comes into force from the moment it is published on the Internet on the Site and is valid until revoked or published in a new edition. The provisions of this User Agreement and its subsequent editions are binding on all users, including those previously registered. The site has the right to make changes and additions to this User Agreement unilaterally. Changes and (or) additions made by the site to this User Agreement on its initiative, enter into force on the day of their publication on the Site, unless another entry into force additionally is provided when they are published.

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