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Name: Instructor: Task: Date: A Doll’s House A Doll’s House, considered controversial in its times due to the feminist undertones in the text, is a play written by Henrik Ibsen. The play narrates the story of a married woman who is not only physically trapped in the domestic life of pleasing her husbands and the society but is also denied proper opportunities for a fulfilling life. Torvald is contemptuous over Nora, and he belittles her wife’s efforts at caring for the family. Nora's action of leaving her family, therefore, is a revolutionary movement against the constriction she faces in her daily life. It is arguable that Nora leaves her family to discover her essence and sense of being without the attachment to her family, and this becomes her ultimate option in a society that treats her as less of a human being. To begin with, Nora is belittled and betrayed for the sacrifices she makes for her family. When her husband becomes ill, Nora assumes the trouble of finding the money for his treatment. Although she lies that she has gotten the money from her father, Nora obtains the money through illegal borrowing. She forges the signature of her father to acquire the loan that she has been saving and struggling to pay without her husband's knowledge. When the husband finds out the issue of the loan through a letter that Krogstad he posted in his mailbox, he responds by calling Nora, "Wretched woman- what have you done! (Ibsen 39). Torvald proceeds to hurl abuses at Nora thereby proving to her that the sacrifices she had been making for the family are unappreciated. Although Nora is a dutiful wife, she realizes that people like her husband view such dutifulness as her obligation rather than as efforts she makes to make life fulfilling for people around her. In the end, Nora seems to realize that acting submissive to the patriarchal authority around her does not make her situation better. Nora also has to leave when she realizes that her existence is...
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