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Name Instructor Course Date Letter- Modernization of America’s Schools The Honorable Jared Huffman U.S. House of Representatives Washington, D.C. 20515 Dear Huffman: The law addressing modernization of public schools, Tomorrow’s Schools Act of 2018, has come to be of paramount concern to me as a certified senior educator. The bill has direct impacts on our students and in the teaching profession as it shapes how activities in learning institutions will get influenced now and in the future. The bill, modernizing state’s school, seeks to facilitate repairing and improving American’s teaching facilities like libraries, upgrading broadband infrastructures or cutting the energy and maintenance cost. First of all, it was a prodigious political idea to push forward legislation advocating investing for knowledge seekers, as there will be a provision of new funding systems. For instance, positively, the new development will take place, through changes like constructions and repair of damaged roofs, crumbled walls or lousy ventilation and improvement of energy efficiency. I agree that learners need to be availed with keys to success, and it starts with the provision of healthy learning environments which are safe from potential hazards. Tomorrow’s Schools Act is a way forward to provide directories and tools addressing priorities to reduce cost by minimizing consumption of harmful energy resources like fossil fuels. By investing in the bill, it will enable institutions to discuss issues pertaining maintenances, which sometimes are often put off as a result of budget challenges. Also, both stuff and students acknowledge that learning institutions deserve to consume better and modern structures as a reflection of latest skills and following safety measures. The legislation opens an opportunity to provide ultimate privilege to all students, abled and disabled, attending schools that are healthier, cost-effective and have equipped resources. On the...
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