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Learning Contract Name Institution Affiliation Negotiated Studies Learning Contract Please complete the areas in this learning contract that are shaded. Student Name: Student ID: Specialisation: Date: Hand in date Negotiated Studies Course Title: Airbags in car Level: 6 Credit: 15 Introduction An airbag is a device or a material that is used in cars to reduce the chances of injury when the car is over-speeding. The device gets inflated when the speed is increased and therefore acting as a shock absorber whenever the driver is about to be injured. The airbag works hand in hand with the safety belt to reduce the injuries in case of an accident (Woodford, 2017). The airbags can only be placed on one side or both sides, for instance, the passengers’ side and the driver’s side. A. Purpose Statement: The purpose of this course is to enable me to: What you intend to learn by doing this study? To enable the students to develop understanding of Airbags.B. Learning Outcomes: I will be able to provide evidence that I can: (Suggest three to five learning outcomes only) 1. Explain the mechanism of airbags 2. Discuss the benefit of having airbags. 3. Compare cars with airbags and cars that do not have it 4. Analyze how the airbags work 5. Criticize the negative impacts of using the airbags (M.F. & I., 2014). C. Course Content: During this course I will be studying the following areas of interest: (Describe the area of interest in more detail) Definition of airbag Evolution of the airbags Safety features of the airbags and the benefits of airbags (Høye, 2010). How airbags work and the different types of airbags D. Resources required: During this course, I need access to the following resources (List any physical resources you need access to and that your technical advisor has agreed to) This is only necessary if you are going to undertake experimental or practical work and need specialised equipment Airbags...
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