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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Robert Borden Sir Robert Borden addressing the troops(2005) This is a picture of me inspecting a platoon in the year 1917. I was part of the group to go and fight in the first world war representing Canada and the allied forces. I was celebrated for making great contributions to the Second World War (Sir Robert Borden addressing the troops, n.p). Sir Robert Borden (2018) shows my picture while I was at the peak of my political career. The picture was taken during his time as a conservative politician between the years 1911 to 1920. I was well known for my focused on reciprocity which was a policy that would allow free trade in Canada (Sir Robert Borden, n.p). Accomplishments (2018) is an image taken in the year 1930 and shows me as an elderly man during his retirement. I was recognized as an international statesman because of my contributions to international matters (Accomplishments, n.p). Epitaph (2012) shows the warm reception given to my wife and I. I was a popular public figure on the political scene and took great risks such as joining forces with the imperialists to win the elections and take control of political matters in his nation (Epitaph, n.p). This picture was taken in 1914 during a political campaign where I went with my wife Lady Laura Borden and both of us were well received by the public. At the time I was championing for Canada's involvement in the First World War where I facilitated for the development of the War Measures Act in 194 Decoste (2016) I was highly influential in the Canadian politics and its fate as a foreign nation. My influence can be seen by the use of my image as part of the Canadian currency (Decoste, n.p). It is reflective of my time as prime minister in the year 1911 when I won elections based on xenophobic agenda through the campaign of White Canada. This is likened by Donald Trump today with his nativist'sactions against Mexicans and other immigrants. Prime...
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