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Challenge the Process Name of Student Name of Institution Reflection Lately, I have been inconsistent with my social work projects. Working with other group members and teams have sometimes been ineffective, given the increasingly negative impact of the progress of the projects. Firstly, the social work projects are not being completed by the deadline, members have become less motivated, and their morale has decreased significantly. There has also been ineffective communication between the key players in the projects, hence leading to its failure (Grover & Froese, 2016). Lately, there has also been increased cases of conflict between group members, hence their inability to focus on completing the allocated tasks. The “daring failure” I have experienced in my life is the incompetence of achieving success in the social work practice projects. The group members have become ineffective, demotivated, and inefficient as there exist poor communication channels and conflicting ideologies between members. To solve this problem, I employed effective problem-solving techniques to increase the cooperation between members. I learned the necessity of introducing these techniques to the group members as they help in improving their relationships and focus on the successful completing of social work group projects. I learned the importance of problem-solving as an integral and ongoing part of life and work (Grover & Froese, 2016). Additionally, I realized that the practices maximize the group members’ energy, time, and commitment levels towards solving the current problems preventing the successful completion of the projects. It is fun and rewarding to take risks and try out new things. Researchers argue that taking risks helps individual open new opportunities and challenges. Therefore, pushing oneself to try new things enables one learn new skills that are necessary for the success of the project. Secondly, taking new risks empowers an individual to...
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