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Free Consumer and Business Marketing Dissertation Example

Name: Institution’s Name: Course: Date: Consumer and Business Marketing To sell a good as a manufacturer, one needs to understand the type of market they intend to have their products sold. Consumer markets are quite different from business markets. Therefore, I will use sales representatives who will help me have my goods sold to consumers and businesses directly. I will set different prices for consumers and business people who purpose to use the paper towels later in the manufacture of some other end product. Consumers are to use the product directly from me after purchase but in the business market the product is taken a raw material for other processes, or it is rather taken and later sold to consumers at a later date (Dinesen, 1). Therefore, I will have two different conditions for the customers when selling my good to them. In any given business always environmental forces are existent and may lead either positive effects or adverse effects. Companies need to generate profits however tough the business environment is. The two major environmental forces which may affect the busyness whether positively or negatively are the government policy and regulations (Dinesen, 1). A government policy on the impacts on the environment as caused by the product can affect the business because the regulations laid upon me as a businessman depends on the hazard level of the goods. Availability of resources is yet another force. I need to keep my markets supplied with goods to meet their needs. Therefore I need a constant and reliable supply of resources to manufacture the products (Dinesen, 1). My business may suffer due to low production of resources. I believe these two environmental forces will affect my paper towel market because they are so essential in determining the sale of the goods.   Works Cited Dinesen R. Chris (2017). Environmental Forces that Affect Business...
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