CRAPP Test On A Child Social Worker Career Dissertation Example

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Free CRAPP Test On A Child Social Worker Career Dissertation Example

Name Professor Course Date CRAAP Test on a Child Social Worker Career Currency The article was posted online on 5 June 2017, and the information has been updated yet. The topic requires current information since different aspects of the career keep on changing and therefore older sources may not be helpful. The link to this source is functional. Relevance The information in this source is relevant since it relates to my topic of study. The material in this particular website targets people who are willing to pursue a career as child social workers. More so, this source is advanced for my needs as it provides all the concepts I need. I choose this source after exploring a variety of sources and found it as one of the most suitable, and I am as well comfortable citing it. Authority The authors of this article are Susan Jacquet who was a former data management expert at California Social Work Education Center and Sandhya Rao who is the director in charge of research and evaluation at the same organisation (Jacquet and Sandhya 56). As such, the two authors are qualified to write on the topic since they are quite knowledgeable in the field of social work and child affairs. The Routledge Taylor and Francis group published the article, and its URL contains .com which means that the source is reliable. Accuracy The information is drawn from several credible sources listed in the reference section. The article was revised on 18 March 2017. Hence, it is clear that the information in this article is credible and I can even verify it from my knowledge. More so, the language used in this particular source is unbiased as it does not incline on one side, the article does not contain any spelling grammatical or typographical mistakes. Purpose The purpose of the information contained in this article is to inform. The authors of the paper have outlined the purpose of the information and supported it with facts, which makes it easy to understand. More so, the...
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