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Creative Observation Name Institution Creative Observation Abstract Child development strategies and childcare play an essential role in the development of kids. There is a wide range of activities that can assist in developing a child’s creativity. For this analysis, three activities at a childcare centre were observed. The first activity was to draw anything the child wanted with either crayons or pencils, and there was no boundary on what to draw. The second activity was to perform a play on a famous animated movie while the third activity was to introduce oneself as if you are on a TV show. All three activities were targeted to improve the children’s creativity and imaginative skills while they were focused to enhance children’s cognitive and developmental growth. The activities provided the children with an opportunity to perform in an open-ended and a closed environment and learn how to act in an entirely structured and a semi-structured environment. Many theories would support these activities since they are relevant to the creative evolution of the child that can stay with them for the rest of their lives. Activity Description For this essay, three main childcare centre activities were observed. The activities included a TV performance, artwork and a drama play CITATION May141 l 1033 (Mayesky, 2014). The first one was an art class that allowed the children to create absolutely anything they wanted with paper and any color. This was purely an individual activity and children were allowed to sit anywhere in the ground they wanted within the given capacity. The activity was monitored by two teachers who only played the roles of facilitators and not instructors during the activity. Teachers were there to make sure that nothing goes wrong and children have help when they need it. After setting up on the activity ground, the children were asked to use the resources they had to draw or make something. Some children asked if there is a...
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