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Criminal Justice
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Criminal justice Name Institutional affiliation Criminal Justice Unfortunately, nowadays we cannot say that we feel entirely safe because of the significant amount of crimes and murders, which is increasing day by day. Any person can be assaulted disregard of his/her social or financial status. Thus, a wealthy president and a simple citizen of a small town risk to become someone’s victim. No one is entirely protected from injustice. To guard our own and our families’ lives and make crimes happen at least a little bit less some people decided to become a policeman. Some of these people may decide like this because of the money that police officers get, some may choose this profession due to their passion for justice, and some may do this just because this is their calling: “I believe that a career in law enforcement is a calling. If you have that calling, we would greatly enjoy discussing a career here with you.” Undoubtedly, these people must be both physically developed and seeking for justice. However, examination of particular areas is necessary. Thus, this paper discovers how Marion County’s policemen choose their future workers which is not that simple as it seems from the first sight. Some Marion policemen say “I will tell you that my moral and ethical standards for our employees are high, so we require our applicants to go through an extensive background investigation that includes a polygraph examination.” According to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office site, the requirements for the applicant on the law enforcement officer entry are pretty complicated but possible to reach. Moral qualities like honesty, kindness, and conscientiousness on a par with physical development are the primary qualities of Marion County’s officers: “Our agency is looking for honest and reliable applicants who feel a genuine calling to serve others. Our foundation is built on integrity, honesty, and trust. All the Marion County Sheriff Office employees...
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