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Free Educational Community Stakeholders Dissertation Example

Educational Community Stakeholders Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Date A person who is responsible for success and welfare of a school is known as a stakeholder. Stakeholders may include members of a community, administrators, students, teachers, school board members, state representatives and city councillors. Collective entities may also be stakeholders (, 2018). Engagement of stakeholders is a necessity for the improvement and success of learning institution. They have a stake in the students and their school. Therefore, they have a technical, financial, civic, and individual concern or good will in the institution. The community involvement in running the school helps to improve communication and incorporation of the experiences, perspectives, and expertise of members of the community to help reform processes, strategies, and proposals. Family, community and parent involvement have various meaning for various people. Involvement is of various types. Community’s stakeholders get involved in education in various ways. Parenting gives families providence of family skills and helps them understand the stages of child development. It also enables schools to understand the cultures and backgrounds of families and their aims for children. Communicating helps in creating reliable channels of communication between home and school. It helps in passing information about students’ progress and programs of the school. Volunteering helps the teachers to work with the assistance of volunteer persons in supporting the learners and the institution. Families are involved as audiences and volunteers at the institutions of learning. Learning at home motivates the participation of families in the home academics of their children. Some home activities related to the curriculum include setting goals and doing homework. Decision-making enables families to participate in school governance, decisions, and advocacy activities. Community...
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