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Free EEOCS Mediation Dissertation Example

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s Mediation Student Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract The paper provides an in-depth understanding of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Mediation (EEOC). The EEOC website provides various categories of discrimination including unfair dismissal, employment disability charges, race discrimination, sexual harassment and religious harassment. The charges applied to these claims differ, and the highest charge being sexual harassment where a company can be stripped of their practicing license. Once a company faces employment discrimination claims, they face both tangible and intangible costs. The most tangible cost is the financial costs that include fines and penalties, attorney fees and compensatory damages. The company workers decrease their morale, which reduces the productivity of the company. Further, the company registers high employee turnover as they look for better pastures. In addition, the company’s image is tarnished due to the negativity of the media and public. Besides, the company may collapse due to decreased productivity and reduced worker morale. Moreover, the company faces poor industrial relations within and outside the organization. The company is likely to register low revenues and incomes due to lose of loyal customers. Also, the company loses potential and existing investors minimizing expansion chances. Therefore, when an employee files a lawsuit against the company there is investigation and inspection from the agency. Mediation is chosen as the most suitable method of settling disputes. It is opted as it is less costly compared to the court's system, improves communication skills of both parties, there is the creation of a friendly environment of discussing problems. Mediation is also a win-win situation where addressing demands of every party is a priority. Further, the parties design their own resolutions without the help of a mediator. The process of mediation is confidential...
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