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Free Effects Of Pregnancy On Working Women Dissertation Example

Effects of Pregnancy on Working Mums Name of Student Institution Affiliation Effects of Pregnancy on Working Mums Pregnancy is still a career killer for women. According to a report by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), pregnant women still face discrimination in their professional lives. Moreover, the EHRC study shows that half of all mothers reported that pregnancy had negative impacts on their career. For instance, the study reveals that 54, 000 British moms were laid off from work every year. Relatively, a survey conducted by Pregnant Then Screwed highlights discrimination pregnant women face in the workplace. The website tells a story of a woman who lost a guaranteed promotion after revealing she was expectant. When the woman enquired from the management why she lost the position, the administration told her that her priorities were going to change. Additionally, human resource discriminates against women of childbearing age with the claims that the women are likely to get pregnant and create a vacuum at work if employed. Finally, pregnant workers experience health complication owing to work-related stresses. For instance, pregnant career mother may undergo premature labor. Relatively, babies born to women who work under stressful environments are born five ounces lighter than the average birth weight (Gatrell, 2011). Consequently, I am more enlightened on the challenges that executives face in the working environment. I now understand that stressful working situations may stress the mother to be, which in turn affects the unborn child. A pregnant employee lives with anxiety over the possibility of losing her job and career advancements because most employers are insensitive to their condition. I am convinced that platforms that give a voice to executives should solve the work problems they face. For instance, organizations that support workers should push for implementation of laws that promote flexible working hours. Furthermore, I...
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