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Free Employee Engagement and Globalization Dissertation Example

Gap Inc. Employee Engagement and Globalization Institution Affiliation Date Abstract GAP is among the largest clothing companies in both United States of America and the world as a whole. This paper focuses on three main items that are employee engagement, globalization, and sustainability. It is correct to note that companies are responsible for the well-being of their employees. This paper addresses how the company human resource department should cater for the welfare of the employees and will deal with how the company should provide for the well-being of the employees. Globalization has also led to the development of global businesses and companies are now able to have operations across the world. This has led to cases where some companies are involved in illegal trade and trade with individuals that break all human rights. This paper will explore the responsibility that the company has in stopping and preventing such business from happening. Lastly, it is vital that companies pass on the right information to their customers about the sustainability of the goods that they sell. Customers are more sensitive to the way the different products affect the environment during their production. The companies have the duty of labeling the goods and showing the raw materials that these goods are made from. This is an important aspect that is covered in the paper and helps explain the role that the companies have in the issue with sustainability. Keywords: Globalization, Sustainability, Employee engagement, environmentally friendly; Employee motivation. Employee Engagement The company must guarantee that all the factors that touch their workers in the workplace are well looked after and addressed. It is the responsibility of the company to ensure that the employees are well catered for in all manners. This includes having a good working environment as well as having their wellbeing well provided. It is the responsibility to keep the different employees well...
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