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Free Ethical Decision Making Dissertation Example

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Submission Date Ethical Decision Making Agreeing to go on a date with my client will be contrary to the code of ethics and unprofessional. A psychologist who develops a bond with a client hinders psychotherapy analysis. Article 5 section C of ACA code of ethics prohibits any form of sexual or romantic relationship between a current patient and counselor. The counselor is also forbidden from dating close members of the client such as their family members and spouses. This prohibition applies to both electronic and physical interactions (ACA 5). This scenario puts me in a dilemma because I am on practicum, meaning that I am not yet a certified psychologist and I find the client attractive. However, accepting to go on a date will trigger emotions which will hinder my ability to conduct a psychotherapy analysis effectively. Therefore, I will have to take preventive measures to ensure I do not establish any romantic bond with the client. I can inform the client that we cannot have a date since it is a violation of my profession. Second, I can explain to the patient how such a relationship will impact on the outcome of the sessions we conduct. Third, I can forward the case to my supervisor and request the client to be assigned a different psychologist. Declining the patient’s offer will eventually be heartbreaking, but it will save my profession. Explaining the reasons as to why it is unwise to have the date will help the client to understand and stop the development of any sexual or romantic feelings. However, the outcome of the subsequent sessions may be uncertain. Lastly, forwarding the case to my superior for assistance will be helpful if the patient insists that we go on a date or declines my services. From the above courses of action, information the client about the consequences of having a romantic relationship will be most useful since it will create understanding. Hence, I will thank the client for...
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