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Extending Attribution Theory Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation How Perceived Control of the Attribution Process Influences Student Motivation Students encounter situations and daily activities which challenge their ability to function effectually in their environment. In a bid to handle such shortcomings, they indulge in internal strategies and processes. The attribution process is usually propelled by events that happen on a daily basis in all the perspectives of life, making it a significant component of an individual's internal phenomena. Conversely, students endure stressful experiences which provoke causal thoughts, whereby they struggle to understand the primary causes of the occurrences. But how do students contemplate the world considering the stressful events they encounter which threaten their conceptualization of control? Does perceived control of the attribution process affect student’s motivation? Research indicates that the attribution theory has been utilized to understand the effects of the causal search on the student's perceived control (Braun & Zolfagharian, 2016). According to the attribution theory, students tend to gratify in conducive reasoning, and how they impute inceptions to results augments their motivation. Diverse attribution theorists have also stated that students participate in causal operation in a bid to maintain signified control over their environment after they endure nerve-wracking experiences. Such stressful results usually have adverse effects on student's sense of control, although a search of causality institutes a sense of structure, contemplation and certainty in their environment. In a bid to determine the impact of student's causal thinking, it is essential to consider the individual opinions of the students. Personal variables such as opinions and decisions are significant compared to causative thoughts. It is evident rather than the conventional models of attribution theory, there are more...
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