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Free Fallacies Dissertation Example

Topic Student’s name Instructor’s name Course title Institution Date Fallacies often lead to poor decision-making as they hinder an individual’s logic in reasoning, leading to baseless conclusions. Personally, one of the fallacies that I am most likely to commit is the fallacy of appeal to popular opinion. This fallacy is committed via the assumption that a conviction is correct because the general population views such conviction to be correct. It may also involve making a decision or doing something because a large number of people have decided to do so. This fallacy is often used as an excuse when an individual is not sure about something thus turning to the popular masses and assuming what they do to be correct. One particular instance that I committed this fallacy was to purchase a collection from the influence of others. After noticing that many people purchased the collection, I jumped to the conclusion that it must be a great collection. (Baker, 2014). The best way to avoid committing the fallacy of appeal to the popular opinion is to avoid ideological reasoning when making decisions. Ideological reasoning involves making references to beliefs, moral values, and cultural values in order to prove a position. This is what often leads one to use the actions and decisions of the majority as the basis for own actions or decisions. The use of this kind of reasoning as a foundation for one’s decision-making often leads to fallacious decisions because individuals have different ideological views and have different personal judgments. It is important to critically analyze each scenario irrespective of how others view it. One should avoid hasty judgments and instead to never assume anything to be true unless proven to be so. This would encourage critical analysis of different scenarios irrespective of the popular opinion. (Baker, 2014). Reference Baker, S. R. (2014). Fallacies in Reasoning: Part 1. In Notes of a Radiology Watcher (pp. 143-146)....
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