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Family Criminality Student’s name Course Institution Date Family criminality Family criminality entails a certain personality profile characterized by self-centeredness, low-self –control, and indifference to the needs and suffering of others. In most instances, people tend to believe crimes exist within the family are contributed by a bad upbringing, being exposed to bad neighborhood, and genetic inheritance. The notion is, therefore, build by the criminal justice system that the children of criminal parents are most likely to be usual suspects or criminals and should face arrest and conviction most of the times. Therefore, the offspring of convicted or criminal parents are more likely to have high conviction risk than the others. This is because of being stigmatized hence tending to act as per what they are perceived to be. Impacts of family criminality The risk of delinquency Delinquent behaviors are associated with the generation and they assumed to be passed from one behavior to another. Aberrant children were most likely to have delinquent fathers and mothers or criminal guardians. From research studies, the delinquent behavior of a child is most likely to be associated with families prone to arrest of either or both parents. Most of these parents have a background of juvenile delinquency. Females who associate in crime tend to get men with criminal track records. Family criminality, therefore, exposes their offspring to the risk of being delinquent. Violent families in aggressive surrounding It is believed that family criminality also exposes the children to violent families and neighborhoods. The violent youths always ascend from violent parentage, since they are most likely to have witnessed it between the parents. The minors exposed to violent families most preferably indulge in serious versatile crimes like fraud, theft, and drugs. Breaking the cycle of family criminality is...
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