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Name: Institution: Tutor: Date: Family values and roles The Jefferson’s is a family movie polarized with African American characters that aired in the 70’s. The movie is about a black family that moved to an apartment rich neighbourhood. It is said to be the longest running sitcom of all time that is profusely concentrated with comedy. On the other hand, Everybody hates Chris is also a family movie showing a black working-class family, just like The Jefferson’s. Therefore, the paper will over the similarities that have been portrayed in the two shows. It come out clearly, in both, that there’s not much contrast in the family values that have been in the 70’s and those present in the 2000’s. The text will present scenes in both shows that will prove the similarities shown in two different families present in different times. In both shows, we see the women playing an active role in the kitchen, both in preparation of meals and serving them. This is a role that existed in society in the 70’s and is also on going in today’s world. George is served with more coffee by her maid, Florence; after Louis announces that she is busy catching up with her French book. In another episode, The Wedding, Louis prepares a sumptuous breakfast for her husband and serves him without him having to ask for it. With that, it shows that the woman is supposed to serve her husband/family without being asked for it. Additionally, Louis struggles with a Chinese recipe she wants to make for dinner despite having a maid who is supposed to be the one preparing meals. On the other hand, Rochelle always constantly prepares dinner and other meals for her family and struggles to keep everything running on a tight budget. Another value that is shown in both films is the importance of conflict resolution. This pushes the idea of peace to the world and also shows that conflicts do happen in every normal family but the only way to get over it is to talk it out. In Everybody hates...
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