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Free Field Trip Dissertation Example

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date DIY Field Trip Outline A field trip is an excursion taken by a group of students to a place that is out of their usual environment. The purpose of this kind of trips is observation for research and education. The students can get an experience of what is outside the regular classroom they are used to. What is written in the books is usually the viewpoint of the author concerning the state of things or just how different things relate to each other. In the field, however, the reality might turn out to be different. What is learned in class through lectures should, therefore, be supplemented by going for field trips. Going for a DIY field trip helps the students improve their critical thinking skills and to be able to provide a solution to some common problems they encounter in the fieldCITATION Gre15 p 15 l 2057 (Greene 15). In the course of the field trip preparations, various destinations were considered. Some of these destinations include kids’ events, sports bar, museum and public gathering. Sports bar and public gathering are ideal places for studying the behaviour of people in public while museums are ideal for studying the same behaviour but rather silent places. The reason for considering the kids' event is because kids are easy to interact with since in most cases kids will always be unbiased. For this reason, this would guarantee reliable information and report. This field trip will be carried out from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm on 25th of March, 2018 at a Kids’ playground. The expectation after this trip is to know the behaviour of kids when they are amongst their age mates. Another hope is to find out the relationships between the different age groups and the various activities in the different age groups. In preparation for the field trip, some steps will be considered to ensure the journey is successful these steps include, Planning and finding a partner Doing prior research on the...
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