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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Centralized Foodservice system CRITIQUE In order to get an insight of how centralized foodservice system work, I decided to interview the manager of one of the food service organization. The aim of the interview is to find out some of the benefits and challenges of the centralized foodservice system. The interview also aims at finding out the roles of the manager in a centralized food service system and how quality is evaluated in this system. The background of the respondent The respondent of my interview is called Chris Taylor, who is the manager of the Ngina foodservice. He is a holder of a bachelor degree in institutional foodservice management. Before he was promoted to a manager, he worked as a cook and as a waiter in the same foodservice organization. Decisions Criteria for the centralized foodservice system model and what it entails Just like its name suggests, the centralized foodservice system usually integrates food production; the food is then transported to the receiving kitchens to reach the consumers. One distinctive feature of this system chronicles around the transfer of the satellites to serve the customers in their comfort (Payne-Palacio & Monica 56). The food is transported from the centralized food production system to the receiving kitchen while hot or cold, either of which affects the equipment used in the transportation and the receiving kitchen. Centralized foodservice system is mostly found in the airline industry. The reason why we prefer using the centralized system in our organization is that the cost of operation is greatly reduced. For instance, the labor cost is greatly reduced in this model since the high production quantities provide an opportunity to the foodservice organizations to increase the productivity of each worker. The other reason why we use the centralized food service system is that the quality and taste of the...
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