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Free Heart Rate And A Hot Bath Dissertation Example

Student’s Name Instructor’s name CourseDate Abstract Homeostasis is the maintenance of the internal environment of a living organism. Thermostasis is a homeostatic response that aims at hastening and controlling body temperature. Temperature has an impact on the heart rate, which also influences vasodilation and vasoconstriction of blood vessels at the same time. Moreover, during the changes in temperature, the skin color at the extremities also changes. During the experiment, at a position of rest, the heart rate was standard, that is, it was 70-74 beats per minute. However, in a hot bath, the heart rate slightly rose to 75-76 beats per minute which is what was expected. As the heart beat rate in the hot bath increased, the veins that are close to the skin surface dilated while the color of the hands and sole turned a bit red. All these are thermostatic responses that aim at the loss of excess heat by convection, radiation, and conduction. This article compiles a report of the experiment and the results it yielded. Heart Rate & A Hot Bath The human body has a mechanism that keeps its internal environment constant. The mechanism called homeostasis is responsible for using positive or negative feedback in correcting the ever-changing conditions (Zali& Noor, 163). The internal environment of man depends on the circulatory system for the transportation of nutrients, oxygen, hormones, enzymes, carbon dioxide, and metabolic waste. However, the need for blood in on various tissues determines the hate rate of a person. The need for blood in such surfaces can be triggered by temperature change, disease, and adrenalin among others(Zali& Noor, 163). The heart rate, constriction, and dilation of blood vessels govern blood pressure depending on the pathological conditions or the external environment. During regulation of body temperatures, the blood vessels constrict or dilate depending on the information sent to the brain by the thermo-receptors....
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