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Free Human health Dissertation Example

See Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Human health is a culmination many aspects that the body comes into contact with on a daily basis. The health situation of a person cannot get determined outside the occupational, physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual environments of an individual. The outlined aspects make up the six dimensions of wellness. It is through the eyes of the six dimensions of wellness that one can successfully engage in health promotion (Hettler, 1976). There are areas of priority when it comes to the promotion of health. Priority areas for the enhancement of health emerge out of the six wellness dimensions. Under each wellness dimension, there are specific steps that one can adopt if they desire to pursue a healthy lifestyle (Eberst, 2004). The professional environment is where one gets their livelihood. Many working people spend most of their time in the workplace. One's health needs to be taken care of in the workplace. For example, factory workers should always wear protective gears while working. Employees that spend most of their time seated should use proper ergonomic chairs to protect their backs (Hettler, 1976). The workplace should offer incentives and make employees comfortable; it should not be a source of stress for an individual and those in the surrounding. There are so many areas of the industrial environment that should get targeted to spur healthy living. Many of the ailments that burden human kind originate from the physical dimension of wellness. Under the physical aspect, Bill Hettler (1976) emphasizes the need to engage in physical activity. It is also in the physical sphere of wellness development that consumption of healthy meals comes into play as a measure of health promotion. Optimal wellness gets achieved through physical activities and good eating habits (Eberst, 2004). A person’s medical fitness falls into this category of welfare. People get encouraged to monitor their vital signs and report any...
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