The Developing Role Of Human Resource Within The Present Days Dissertation Example

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Free The Developing Role Of Human Resource Within The Present Days Dissertation Example

The function of the human resource (HR) department is influenced by both the external and internal forces. The external pressures are exerted by issues that the management of the managers of the enterprise cannot control. On the other hand, the internal forces are the pressures inside the organization that affect the running of the firm. The management can control the internal factors but the external factors are beyond its control. Internal forces that shape the HR agenda: The agendas of the human resources department are influenced by internal forces that aim at ensuring that the recruitment, compensation, termination, training and other activities done by the HR department are done in the right way. Some of the internal factors include; the expectations of the stakeholders, HR function, and the goals of the HR. Stakeholders Expectations: The activities and agendas that the Human resource may be influenced by the Stakeholders of the company. One, the shareholders expect that the company makes high profits so that they can receive dividends at the end of the financial period. Additionally, they expect that the value of their shares increase as time goes (Garg, 2014, 3). Secondly, the board of management expects that the employees who are recruited in the company to have the adequate skills that can boost the productivity. Additionally, the pressure exerted by the clients may also make the Human resource department to come up with decisions of either recruiting more employees or changing the department available to boost the efficiency of the company. For instance, if the demand for the goods is high, then the HR managers need to increase the workers so that they can meet the demand of the customers.   Strategic objectives: The performance of the Human Resource department depends on the objectives that have been set by the organization or by the department. The managers should have the plans that they will follow to ensure that the goals are...
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