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Identity Theft Student’s Name Institution Identity theft has become one of the most debated issues in regions and countries across the World with more than 70 percent of respondents in a 2006 survey saying that they were concerned about being the next identity theft victims (Mayer, 2006). Social media is one of the major reasons for the increase in the identity theft cases across the World according to Holm (2014). The sharing of address, sex, and age details among other information helps in identity establishment. Criminals, therefore, collect the necessary information from the social media sites and utilize this information to commit theft. Identity theft largely affects the victims, and there is, therefore, need for concerted efforts in addressing this issue. The major effects of identity theft include financial problems and credit issues. Identity theft criminals usually leave their victims with financial problems. For example, some criminals get hold of victims' bank accounts and may siphon money from these accounts or withdraw the money leaving the victim with nothing. If the bank fails to refund the money due to a late claim or other reasons, the victim may go broke and into many other challenges. When the criminal uses the victim's credit card to purchase goods, the credit card company may refund the money. However, the card owner has to part with lawyers' fee among other costs. Also, the companies do not refund all the money in most instances. According to Copes et al., (2010), victims incurred expenses of at least $1,200 from their pockets in around 10% of all the cases. Financial problems to victims are, therefore, a major issue in the identity theft crisis. Also, victims have to cope with credit issues such as reduced ratings and inability to access credits. Criminals can either use the current card or create a new one. In many cases, criminals create new cards using a victim’s name and the victim may not realize this until later when the...
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