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Free Importance Of Complementary Modalities Dissertation Example

Importance of Complementary Modalities Name: Institution: Importance of complementary Modalities Complementary approaches in medicine have been met with criticism on the effectiveness of the approaches. However, these modalities play an essential role in the treatment of patients through the holistic approach adopted in therapy. This kind of therapy strategies targets more than the physical well-being of an individual. The complementary modalities will involve the incorporation of the body, mind, and spirit in therapy. Numerous patients have sought help from holistic therapy specialist who combines different traditional approaches that can be used in disease recovery. The paper will discuss some of the reasons why the method is essential in healthcare and nursing. Firstly, the complementary approaches are less invasive. Lindquist (2013) states that analysis of the treatment options shows surgery as the most invasive form of treatment which injures the patient. The complementary approaches are less invasive and require little or no injury to the patient. These strategies include aromatherapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, meditation, and relaxation techniques. The approaches are less harmful compared to the use of most pharmaceutical agents that may have several adverse effects. Although the exact effectiveness of these approaches has not been determined or fully incorporated in evidence-based practice, research shows promising results in the combination of both strategies in disease management (Lindquist, 2013). Secondly, the affordability of the complementary modalities makes it popular among patients in recovery stages. The cost of synthetic pharmaceutical agents is costly which in incurred through periodic premiums or out-of-pocket payments for those that may not have insurance covers. Additionally, the cost of major surgeries is expensive and leaves the patients to undergo lengthy recuperation periods that further dent their financial status....
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