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Free Giving Innovative Ideas in Organizations Dissertation Example

Over the past few decades, organizations have changed significantly due to influences by globalization, development of technology, availability of resources, and change of consumer behaviors. Subsequently, governments, corporate actors, and researchers have come up with theories, initiatives, schemes, and models that enhance employee productivity and organizational performance. The availability of resources and capabilities has made it difficult for companies to achieve competitive advantage. In this light, many companies seek to gain competitiveness by engaging the workforce and ensuring that is maximum utilization of the skills and talents available to the advantage of the organization. Researchers across different industries show that that the workforce is the most important asset of any organization. Additionally, the workforce is not duplicable like other resources employed in the production process. Rather, what the workers offer to an organization can be unique and a source of competitive advantage. Nevertheless, the advantages presented by effectively engaging the workforce are only realized where there is good leadership, employee engagement, and appropriate underlying factors that motivate the workers. Additionally, there has been an increase in the need for developing new ways to deal with problems that have existed in organizations. Resultantly, there are different interpersonal and intrapersonal considerations that have been embraced to promote performance and productivity. The workers, organizations, and the relationships that exist to contribute and partake the changes in the environment. Fundamentally, the modern-day world is characterized by unprecedented rates of change in different magnitudes and degrees of complexity (Australian Psychological Society 3). In this context, the traditional forms of organization have become less satisfactory calling for better and dynamic strategies, leadership styles, and human resource management. There are...
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