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Free International Law And International Relations Dissertation Example

Name Instructor Course Date International law and International Relations International law is a set of legal rules that govern interactions between sovereign countries in the world. The General Assembly of the United Nations develops international law. Treaties, conventions, accords, arbitration, charters, tribunals and memorandums govern the basis of international law. These methods rule on matters relating to human rights, conflict, war crimes and impose sanctions on member states when necessary. Enforcing international can be done by economic embargo like a trade restriction against nations that are a threat to peace. Military sanction takes place when a country uses the military to reinstate order where insecurity is widespread. Tribunals foster culpability where there is involvement of crimes against humanity (Fassbender et al. 95). Rwanda, Yugoslavia, Lebanon, and Cambodia are among nations with past tribunals. Independent nations take transnational disagreements to the International Court of Justice. The Court mediates on differences between states, diplomatic rows, economic crimes and asylum rights controversies. Upon request by UN establishments, the World Court issues advice and opinions. Adoption of treaties is another way mechanism to enforce international law. Signed agreements protect the environment, suppress the financing of terrorism-related activities, and regulate labor laws. In 2013, the Government of Kenya and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees signed The Tripartite Agreement aiming at the voluntary return of refugees to their native Somali from Kenya. However, in May 2016 the Kenyan government made a declaration to shut down the Dadaab Refugee Camp. This announcement to close the refugee camp contravened the international law in regards to voluntary repatriation. Repatriation fails to be optional when the host country of the refugees forces refugees to return to their homeland. UNHCR declared forceful...
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