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Interview Report Name Institutional Affiliation Interview report The participant in the quality improvement was a private hospital human resource manager. The interview was conducted via a phone call. The participant has held the position for the last five years, which made him an appropriate candidate to offer substantial information for the interview. The following responses were offered: Define the change process or outcome you improved.  I participated in the recent implementation of an electronic medical records system that was meant to transform how patient information is collected, transferred, and used to improve the hospital operations in an integrated manner. My role was in training and creating awareness among the workers by organizing workshops and ensuring that each stakeholder had acquired the relevant knowledge to use the system for their roles in healthcare delivery. What data did you collect and how was it reported? The data involved the academic qualifications of the staff as well as their competency in using information systems. The data was collected from the employee records and a survey that was administered with the intent of investigating the competencies among the workers. Upon analysis, a report was developed to highlight the talent pool, strengths, and weaknesses of each department in the use of information systems. This helped us to prioritize the training topics and groups. How did you know that change was an improvement?  The use of modern technology presents numerous advantages in healthcare delivery. In our case, the use of electronic medical records instantly had an impact on the speed of processing patient information across the hospital. Subsequently, we were able to serve our clients fast and efficiently. This has translated to increased revenue for the hospital as well as increasing patient traffic following improved patient outcomes. What quality tools did you use? We used a Plan-Do-Study-Act approach, which...
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