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Free Juliet’s Unfolding Love Dissertation Example

Name: Course: Date: Juliet's unfolding love ‘Romeo and Juliet” is a play revolving around two rival families each fighting to overpower the other. The two families namely Capulet and Montague each have one child who falls in love on the first site. Juliet is the most famous female character in Shakespeare’s play. She has been portrayed as the young and ill-fated love of Romeo who is loyal and fights for their love. Her beauty overwhelmed Romeo at first sight, and her inner beauty made him realize that he was only infatuating on his first love. The Romeo between the two lovebirds has been cited and been an inspiration for centuries (Smith 15). Juliet plays a major role in enhancing the theme of love throughout the play with the main activities being betrothed in Paris, falling in love and marrying Romeo, being vulnerable to unfortunate communication and eventually becoming suicidal by the pain of losing her lover. This essay discusses the unfolding of love as portrayed by Juliet throughout the plot. Love opens one’s eyes to differentiate between real love and infatuation or lust. Before Juliet meets Romeo, she is an obedient daughter willing to get engaged to Paris to make her parents happy. Possibly she would be married to Paris and reasonably happy if she never meets Romeo. Romeo appearance changes her submissiveness and obedience to her parent decisions. Juliet turns to a passionate lover to the extent that even a change in the language is noticed within one or two hours of the play time. At the same time, Romeo perspective about love changes as he becomes more positive about it (Smith 46). Suddenly an adult air is felt around her despite the rushed nature of her action in the name of young love. If both Romeo and Julio were adults, would the audience judge them harshly or would it be viewed as trues love? This question is forced by the act on Juliet forcing a secret engagement out in favor of Romeo, who by then was young, free and single. Loss...
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