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Leadership Competencies: Leadership Theories Student Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract This paper highlights various leadership theories and then narrows down to situational leadership which is the theory that most closely aligns with the practices in the organization. The article then explains why situational leadership is the leadership theory that currently aligns with the practices of the organization. Under situational leadership, the paper discusses the various leadership styles that leaders use to lead their subordinates. The paper then recommends behavioral leadership theory as the leadership theory that can be more effective in the organization than the current situational approach. A definition of behavioral leadership theory is also highlighted in the paper that also explains why the former leadership theory can be more efficient than the latter leadership theory. Under behavioral leadership theory, the article also highlights the four approaches that the management can use in their leadership. The paper concludes by suggesting that while the behavioral theory can be more efficient than the situational argument if the company uses the two together, they can be more effective. Keywords: situational leadership, managers, behavioral leadership, management Leadership Competencies: Leadership Theories Introduction Leadership is a continuous process of influencing followers to some distinctive direction. The ability of an individual to apply the leadership styles determines the competence of a leader. Therefore, leadership competence refers to the ability of the leader to use skills and behaviors that contribute to better performance (Smedick & Rice, 2018). Leadership is a broad topic, and various scholars have come forth to explain it thereby developing various theories. Some of the arguments include behavioral, participative, situational leadership, contingency, transactional and transactional leadership theories (Junker & van Dick,...
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