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Leadership Theories Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract Leadership can be described as the action of guiding or leading individuals or teams or the ability to inspire and motivate other people or an organization to realize set goals. Different styles of leadership are used by different leaders. There are certain traits that are associated with all good leaders. They include charisma, optimism, team-work, honesty, accountability, self-motivation, passion, as well as good communication and decision-making skills. Though the debate on whether leadership is inborn or acquired has raged on for centuries, it is generally agreed that whether inborn or acquired, leadership can be improved through learning. Philosophers and scholars have come up with various leadership theories over the years in attempts to explain the art of leadership, and what makes some leaders stand out from others. Each of the theories is categorized by the aspect that describes the leader the most. These theories include the Great Man theory, Trait Theory, Contingency Theories, Behavioral Theories, Transformational Theories, and the Transactional Theories. Transformational leadership theory is an approach of leadership through which the leader seeks to inspire, motivate, and raise the followers into achieving the goals of the organization. Keywords: leadership, Transformation leadership theory. Leadership Theories The Transformational Leadership Theory Based on my analysis of the various leadership theories formulated over the years, the transformational leadership theory is the most relevant and important theory to our organization. This theory was formulated in the 1970s and puts emphasis on the importance of good interactions and relationships between the various individuals and teams in an organization. Cordial relationships lead to high levels of trust between the leader and the followers, as well as among the employees (Kibbe, 2015). This in turn results in high levels of...
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