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Free Learning To Read And Write Dissertation Example

Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Details Date Learning to Read and Write In the story “Learning to Read and Write” by Fredrick Douglass, the writer explores his experiences as a young slave living with his master. Fredrick details his journey as a slave in pursuit of education. Fredrick Douglas received the accolades of a social reformer, writer, statesman, and an orator during his life. It is predictable from the writing of Fredrick that he was an African American. Douglas was born a slave in 1818 (Bernier 288). Reading and writing were punishable crimes if a slave was found to possess any of the abilities. The kind of man Fredrick was, shows up when he decided to engage in the evils of the period (Brewton705). From the conduct of Fredrick, he was an ambitious and strong-willed individual who did anything to pursue the desires of his heart. In writing ‘'learning to read and write'' Fredrick invokes the ethos, logos, and kairos in telling the story of a slave from experience (Lock 60). Later in life Fredrick Fredrick attributed more knowledge to his woes and wished he was ignorant like all other slaves. Fred emphasizes throughout the writing that, one should only pursue that which he can comfortably handle for there are times it gets overwhelming to seek more continually. Fredrick appeals to the ethos when he introduces the writer to the kind of life he lived. Fredrick was a slave who lived in the house of his master. “I lived in Master Hugh’s family about seven years.’’ Fredrick asserts as he begins his narration (Bernier 299). Whatever Fredrick writes about the life of slaves in the period he lived in is credible as he was one among the many slaves (Brewton708). By establishing credibility, Fredrick sets the tone of the story. A reader of the story knows that the encounters outlined in the story are those of firsthand experience and not a story as heard from a third party. The writer would at times be left in the house of the...
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